Media Policy in the Digital Age

"Digital Age” and "Communication Society" have become clichés used in different contexts by a variety of scholars in the Social Sciences.  Both expressions usually refer to phenomena such as the emergence of the Internet and social media, as well as the massification of new communication technologies. Despite the different meanings associated with them and the … Continue reading Media Policy in the Digital Age

Is Bolsonaro to Blame for the Amazon Fires?

The Amazon forest in Brazil has been burning for a long time. Although we are seeing the sharpest increase of fires in years, the destruction and looting of the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world is not a recent phenomenon. Since 2015, when the current economic crisis hit Brazil, fires have been increasing progressively. … Continue reading Is Bolsonaro to Blame for the Amazon Fires?

The Shameful US-Mexico Immigration Pact

Mexico and the US recently struck a migration deal aimed at reducing the number of refugees arriving in the US. The agreement consists of two main points. The first stipulates that the refugees who cross the border "illegally" wait in Mexico during the resolution of their asylum petitions. This practice, which is already in vigour, … Continue reading The Shameful US-Mexico Immigration Pact

Brazilian Education under Attack

I recently wrote about how Bolsonaro has declared war on the Amazon forest. Being a retired general, he is waging wars on many fronts. Another enemy in his perverted mind is public education. Two weeks ago, the Brazilian government announced a 30% budget cut for national universities. Public universities conduct more than 95% of scientific … Continue reading Brazilian Education under Attack

The Future of the Amazon

Brazil is internationally famous for its music, football, beautiful beaches, capoeira, and rain forest. The Amazon rain forest comprises an area of almost 5.5 million km² spreading across nine countries. Twenty-two “UKs” could fit in this area. Rain forests cover more than 50% of the Brazilian territory. The Amazon hosts 15-20% of the world’s biodiversity. … Continue reading The Future of the Amazon

Brazil: What lies ahead after Bolsonaro´s inauguration

The election of Jair Bolsonaro as the next Brazilian president is the prelude of an uncertain period in the country´s politics. Given its importance in Latin America, any abrupt change in Brazil is most likely to have repercussions in neighbouring countries. Worryingly, it is not just democratic rights that could be corroded under a Bolsonaro … Continue reading Brazil: What lies ahead after Bolsonaro´s inauguration

No End in Sight to the Syrian Conflict

Bashar al-Assad has gained substantial territory in the Syria war. As the Syrian dictator becomes stronger and stronger - at least in the military sense - his treatment of civilians and opponents worsens in the same proportion. The regime offensive to regain control of the southwest provinces of the country, including Daraa, Quneitra and As … Continue reading No End in Sight to the Syrian Conflict